Rachel Phasha, the founder and owner of Khavho Tours has been engaged in a number of initiatives to promote Alexandra as a recognised tourist cultural site. We realized the need to broaden our focus, look wider for the protection and involvement of local communities. Responsible tourism is about making better places for people to live in whilst providing a reliable & safe visitor experience. Observing the safety of our visitors; we sought to introduce themed routes of which Khavho Tours engage locals to collaborate, champion and interpret stories about cultural heritage to visitors. Our goal is to provide the best opportunity for locals to earn a living and create a safe environment for everyone. Our initiatives provide a range of township tourism related job opportunities.

Khavho tours employs qualified and accredited personnel however most of our tours are championed by residents in their respective places by ushering you into their spaces. Hostels, private homes, icons and micro entrepreneurs in all fields of business.

Piki Phasha is the Director and head of Business Tourism in the company. She has experience in various sectors including retail, short and long term insurance, sales, marketing and customer service. She holds a degree in Social Sciences, majoring in Social Work and Psychology.

Her focus in the company is mainly on Business Tourism services including research and development ventures in informal markets; and corporate wellness outing programs.

We are able to do customized short or long trips to suite your needs.

Contact Rachel to design your tour now.




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